Top 5 Website Trend Designs in 2015

If you have been wondering how you could improve your web design skills the simple answer is to learn, learn and learn some more. Keep up to date with newest trends and demands in the market and your designs will surely benefit from it. In the world of website design trends change frequently, however there are the top website trend designs in 2015, which will help you step up your game in the vast world filled with web designers, websites and trends that link them together.

unnamed1. Google maps

An ever increasing trend in web design is to include Google maps in the websites. It is not only a current trend, since it has been popular for quite some time in addition to being extremely useful. Google also provides a visual customization which makes websites more visually interesting and is adaptable to the look of the website you are designing.

2. Slideshows
Full screen slideshows are a hot trend in website designs at the moment. This cinematic approach, which almost resembles flipping through the pages of a book, works well on different gadgets and screens of any sizes, and makes the homepage feel accessible and easy to use. Galleries and media shows are bringing out the visual by keeping the text and buttons minimal, and this minimalism seems to be in high demand in website designs nowadays due to its popularity with the users and designers. (1)
3. Simple
Which leads us to the following point, and that is to keep the designs simple, clean-cut and easy to use. This can be applied to all aspects of a website design but simply cannot be emphasized enough. Simplifying designs will not only bring the sense of simplicity to your websites, but also make it seem more casual and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. By minimizing the content and color, you are accentuating the content and experience which is far more important.
4. Organic flowweb-design
Besides from using an organic approach in arranging large photos in slideshows by using this basically cinematic approach and designing websites with organic flow in your mind you will make better and trendier websites altogether. Do not follow strict rules and norms of having to confide your content to neat boxes and use rulers and gridlines to make everything fit the screen. Instead, make a website which flows naturally and guides the user to the content in the most natural and easy going manner.
5. Ghost buttons
By minimizing everything on the website you are designing you are also making it feel more natural and another trend is to hide all sorts of buttons in order not to damage this sense simplicity given to you by the clean and minimal design. Ghost buttons are not really even there, or so it seems until the user need them. By that time, the users will enjoy the simple and minimal design you have created.