Using Themes For A Local Website

marketing-ideas-for-roofing-companiesI was approached a few weeks ago to produce a new website for a local roofing company. They already have a website up and running which I think is doing a good job for them, but they wanted something a little more personalised.

You can see here the original website for Quality Roofing Nottingham. I wanted to share this project with you from beginning to end so that you can see how it progresses. I would welcome your comments if you can contact me through the webform and give me your thoughts and ideas on this original site and again when the new one is finished.

Below ae the main points that he wants me to convey in the new website. Fingers crossed that I can do a good job for them!

Most of us haven’t heard of fascias and soffits. But as you look forward to learning about them, it will come as a surprise that you’ve been seeing them all along only that you didn’t realize them by their name.

If you take a look at most houses that have a guttering running alongside the house just below the roofline, you will see that it is attached to a box. The underside of the box is what’s technically known as soffit. Fascias, on the other hand, are walls of the said box that can be seen attached to the roofline of the home.

The main role of the guttering is to trap any rainwater coming off the roof so as it can drain it away.

The Main Roles of Soffits and Fascias

Soffits and fascias make a significant part of the home since they are responsible for keeping the damp out. They help to keep the rainwater from coming inside and also making sure the entire house is insulated. Discoloration, leaks, birds nesting in your roof are all signs that you should give some attention to these two.

Note that if the two get damaged, it will be harder for your roof to effectively carry out its role of keeping the home safe. To keep soffits and fascias in a good state all the time, it’s expected that you should have them checked for repairs all the time and also keep them well-maintained.

Various Types of Soffits and Fasciasconstruction-wordpress-theme

Not until recently, fascias and soffits were mostly made with timber. Some of the major issues that timber had include rotting, fading, splitting and warping. However, today, there’s a much better alternative.

uPVC, a plastic made up of non-toxic elements, bears all the durability and strength expected of the two. Interestingly, it has wood effect finishes, ranging from, rosewood to mahogany and many other finishes. Such effects have made it easier to achieve any effect you desire in your home.

Just like those of made of timber, uPVC are able to clip into place with ease and soon as they are fixed well, they will be able to guide the rainwater, protect the roofline and keep away the damp. Aside from that, due to its excellent thermal stability, you can expect less expansion and contraction compared to other materials. Not forgetting to mention that you won’t have to repair it every often. You can just wipe it down with a PVC-U cleaner and a damp cloth,

Caring for Soffits and Fascias

The fascia acts to secure the guttering and also ensures rainwater is drained away properly from the roof right into the drain. So check to ensure the soffits have clear little ventilation holes at the bottom. This helps to prevent the roof from suffering damage caused by damp. Also, inspect to ensure there’s no rot. When rainwater splashes around, it can result into such. And when you notice rot, the best thing is to deal with it urgently. This will prevent it from spreading.

As you can see, the main focus is for Fascias and Soffits, as it is a very lucrative side of his roofing business. A good website not only helps to bring more visitors to the site, but also helps to convert those visitors into sales. No pressure then!!

Watch the video below which discusses the importance of a good quality website for the roofing business.


Pre-made Templates – The Pro’s and Con’s

Personally I can see the advantages of both methods. For a quick and easy website solution, which is all that is required in most cases, then I think that using a premade template or theme is the best way to go.

If you need a more customised, more complicated or personal style and design, then a made to measure website is by far the best option.

I saw this image and thought is worth sharing…..

web design facts

Free Website Templates

Free Website Templates

Just a quick post here about free website templates. There are many places on the web that offer free templates, some good and some not so good. I have tried several of them with varying degrees of success. Most hope that you will upgrade to one of the premium themes and that is how they make their business work.

Here are a few that you can try.

Free Web Templates
According to their advertising they have over 3,400 templates available. Definitely worth taking a look. templates

Free WordPress Themes
These are from the wordpress website. WordPress is really easy to use and is very flexible. Check out their free themes here:

Free Website Templates
I have not used this service, but they have many excellent themes for you to choose from:

Open Designs
2067 Open Source web Design Templates. A really nice selection here:

So anyway you get the idea. Just do a search on google for free website templates or themes and you can spend hours looking for your ideal theme for free.

Happy Hunting…..


How to Choose a Good Theme for Your Business’s Website

How to Choose a Good Theme for Your Business’s Website

If you have ever created a website or have done any research on themes, you know there are a ton of options out there. So how do you know which the best to use on your business’s website? Let us start from the basics, what exactly is a theme?


The theme of your website is like the accessories and paint for your car. Your decision on the theme should be based on how you want your business to be represented and how it will best make your business stand out from all the other businesses out there. The good news, is that if you get everything set up and want to change the theme later down the road, you should be able to without messing up any of the actual content. Generally speaking, the website content is saved to the website address and changing the theme just changes how it is presented.


A question that will help you determine the theme to use is, do you go with a free theme or a premium one? There are some things you want to save money on and can do so by cutting corners, but this probably isn’t one of them. Your website is probably the first, and sometimes only, visual a potential client may have of your business and you want it to be a good one. By going the premium route, this usually means that your site will have more security and more of a technical team to help with any potential issues or answer any questions you may have. Think of it as an investment.


Below are some popular website themes.

website theme templates

Now let us consider some more specific theme questions that you will want to consider before making your decision. Since this will be a professional website, you are going to want a good support team, correct? If you are familiar with website designs, maybe not, but you do not want to be in a situation where you can’t ask anyone for help. So the degree of technical support is something to consider.


Does the theme already have SEO (search engine optimization) options for you, or will you have to set that up yourself? How much additional work will you have to put into it? Some premium themes may look like what you want in your website, while other ones may require you to do a lot more changing around than you have time for. Also keep in mind that you want the theme to be easily accessed on multiple devices, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and the like.


One of my favourite companies that has some really great looking and high converting website themes is Be Theme from the Muffin group. I’m a bit of a Muffin group junkie, but I have no affiliation in presenting this to you. It’s just that they always have a great theme that works for the type of site I am building, and they are easy to instal and use. Check them out here.


If your website is on wordpress, and you need to install your first theme, or would just like to change the one that you already have, here is a great video for beginners, or as a reminder how to change your wordpress them. If you are using a different platform for your website, such as Joomla or Wix, there is plenty of information on both Youtube and Google that can help you to make the change you need.


Top 5 Website Trend Designs in 2015

If you have been wondering how you could improve your web design skills the simple answer is to learn, learn and learn some more. Keep up to date with newest trends and demands in the market and your designs will surely benefit from it. In the world of website design trends change frequently, however there are the top website trend designs in 2015, which will help you step up your game in the vast world filled with web designers, websites and trends that link them together.

unnamed1. Google maps

An ever increasing trend in web design is to include Google maps in the websites. It is not only a current trend, since it has been popular for quite some time in addition to being extremely useful. Google also provides a visual customization which makes websites more visually interesting and is adaptable to the look of the website you are designing.

2. Slideshows
Full screen slideshows are a hot trend in website designs at the moment. This cinematic approach, which almost resembles flipping through the pages of a book, works well on different gadgets and screens of any sizes, and makes the homepage feel accessible and easy to use. Galleries and media shows are bringing out the visual by keeping the text and buttons minimal, and this minimalism seems to be in high demand in website designs nowadays due to its popularity with the users and designers. (1)
3. Simple
Which leads us to the following point, and that is to keep the designs simple, clean-cut and easy to use. This can be applied to all aspects of a website design but simply cannot be emphasized enough. Simplifying designs will not only bring the sense of simplicity to your websites, but also make it seem more casual and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. By minimizing the content and color, you are accentuating the content and experience which is far more important.
4. Organic flowweb-design
Besides from using an organic approach in arranging large photos in slideshows by using this basically cinematic approach and designing websites with organic flow in your mind you will make better and trendier websites altogether. Do not follow strict rules and norms of having to confide your content to neat boxes and use rulers and gridlines to make everything fit the screen. Instead, make a website which flows naturally and guides the user to the content in the most natural and easy going manner.
5. Ghost buttons
By minimizing everything on the website you are designing you are also making it feel more natural and another trend is to hide all sorts of buttons in order not to damage this sense simplicity given to you by the clean and minimal design. Ghost buttons are not really even there, or so it seems until the user need them. By that time, the users will enjoy the simple and minimal design you have created.