More Tips for choosing the best theme for your website

More Tips for choosing the best theme for your website

There are thousands of website themes available today, which one do you choose, the choice can be overwhelming. You need to commit to your theme, in some ways it is like choosing your life partner; you are going to be spending a lot of time together, so you need to choose well! This guide will hopefully put you on the right track to finding the perfect theme for your website.

What are your needs?
While looking through the vast choice, it is easy to think too much about how the theme looks. And all too easy to grab the theme that makes your site look most pretty. But don’t go there! Step away from the download! You should first decide on a plan, and decide what you need your site to do and what is most important.

Answer these questions first before you decide.

A. How large will your site be? Will it have a lot of content?thinking about theme
B. Will it be a commercial or web commerce site?
C. Do you need a mobile responsive website?
D. In your opinion, what are the items that are the most important to display on the 1st page of your site?
E. Will your site look the same in 1 year? 2 years?

Unfortunately, you will probably find that not one theme will give you all the answers. But by knowing what you need your site to do, will help you to pick the theme that ticks the most boxes. Find a theme that works well with your content.

It is often the case that we see the demo of a theme, and make our content fit that demo.  That is not how it should be, it should happen the other way around. You may fall in love with a them that has the best blog display and fabulous featured blogging images. But that probably isn’t the best fit if you are not a big blogger and don’t have a large supply of images. Try to look at the type of content that you are wanting to display, and see if the theme is going to work well with what you have.

Thinking ahead.
I know this is a difficult one, but if you were to instal this theme today, is it going to be able to handle the plans that you have for your site in 1 years time? If you are a roofing company and just need a shop window website, then you will probably just have a few blogs to add over the year, but if you are selling home made items or a small manufacturer, you will be adding product continuously.

But if you are a manufacturer, or retailer, with new and more products coming through, will your theme be able to cope. It may be fine now with just a few pages, but what if you start adding lots more content? Be sure that the time you pick has the right navigational structure to be able to organise your new content in a way that the end user will be able to make sense of. Much better to ask these questions now, rather than find you have already outgrown your new beloved theme in just a few short months.

Dig Deeper
It is an unwanted task searching through the related info that comes with any theme. So think hard, reduce your choices to just a few that are going to suit your future plans. Try and find reviews and questions online that relate to those themes. You will start to build up a picture of what is working or not for certain types of businesses. Chances are you will be able to see the different types of sites that are being made using your favourite themes, giving you a better idea of what and how it would work.

To Conclude
In looking for the perfect theme for your shiny new website, don’t just plump for the coolest. Roll up your sleeves and dig around to get a better picture of how your end result may look in the future. It is always better to have a plan, and it will help you to throw out the pretty looking sites that are not really suitable for you needs. If you can pick the right theme, your site will flow naturally, grow organically, and will help you to achieve the end result that you are looking for.

This Youtube video from ipage has 10 really useful tips that may help you to decide on the right theme for your situation.