The Benefits of a Good Website

The Benefits of a Good Website

You may have heard people recommend having a good website to get your business noticed, but what exactly can it do for your company? Consistently give your business an identity. People want to know what your business is all about. What can you offer them and how might they benefit from working with you? Giving a visual to your potential clients will answer these questions. If you have more than just your business’s official website, like any social media sites or even your business card, make sure they are all consistent with the image you want your company to project.


The goal is to get more visitors. You want people to check out your website and browse through it. A good website will both inform a potential client (or customer) and keep them intrigued to be involved and learn more. What you do not want is someone taking a look at your homepage and immediately leaving the site, so you need to be unique!

If you were successful at the last step, getting more visitors to your website, you will get more customers!


A good website will set you apart from your competitors. Chances are, your business is not the only of its kind, but your website needs to project that it is different. Phrase the wording differently, find one of a kind photos and let your website connect with those looking at it. You want to be better than your competitors, so you have got to show that you are through your website, since that is the way most people will learn about your design


Keep your website short, simple, but informative, because most people will not take the time to read a lengthy introduction page. A clear and concise website will keep viewers attention long enough to get them interested in your product or services.


I often find that customers try to get more bang for their buck by putting as much information as possible into a website, because they somehow feel that they are then getting more value for money. I find this too when I create print ads for local businesses. They will be paying for a credit card size ad, but want to fit in every service that they can possibly do in order to maximise on their ad spend.


This doesn’t work in an advert, and it doesn’t work in a website either. You end up confusing the reader. The best way in my experience is to focus one one or two services, get the readers attention and sell those services, and later you can tell them about all the other great things that you offer. Rant over!


By spending the ‘extra’ money for a higher quality website, you will actually be saving money down the road. If your business cuts corners now, you may end up paying more money later to have your website re-vamped and spiced up. At this point, you may have lost many potential customers and clients. You may even have to spend more money if you have to shut down your old website in order to start from scratch.

Watch the video below for some more information on the benefits of having a good website design.